American Express Receipt Match for QuickBooks

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Intuit Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit, recently referenced the addition of an American Express APP to Intuit's open platform.  The APP enables small business customers to take pictures of their receipts on their mobile device, match them up to their QuickBooks chart of accounts, and import them into QuickBooks. The new product, ReceiptMatch with QuickBooks is free to OPEN small business Card Members – and it will be available in early 2014.

Dan Wernikoff, SVP and GM of Intuit Small Business Financial Solutions said “American Express is another important addition to the partners on our open platform. Partnerships with companies like American Express help us provide our customers with more services that seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks so small businesses can customize the product to meet their needs. ReceiptMatch with QuickBooks is an example of Intuit's “no data entry” vision so small business owners can spend more time focusing on running their businesses. This is a natural partnership that brings together two companies with a strong track record of delivering innovative products for small businesses.”

Find a little more detail about the American Express Receipt Match for QuickBooks in an article in PC World.

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