Are your “circuits” overloaded (part 2)

Last time we talked about the article that I had read by Edward M. Hallowell, MD “Overloaded Circuits:  Why Smart People Underperform” and how it had gotten me to think about how we tend to overload and try and do too much.

When we are in the "fight or flight" mode our bodies and brains are programmed to be aggressive and tend not to operate well on a daily basis.

We all know how to take care of our bodies (including our brains) by getting plenty of sleep, eating well and exercising regularly, but so many of us abuse our brains by neglecting these basic tasks.

If you need to, plan these items into your day to make sure they happen.  Fend off brain fatigue by taking the stairs or taking the long way to your coffee break.  You can surge your brain power by simply using the restroom on a different floor or taking a different route home from work.  Use these bits of time to clear your thoughts, reset your mind and get ready for round two.

Schedule time in your day to be productive and shut out the outside world.  Find ways to keep yourself organized and follow a schedule.  I know it can be difficult, and many of us try to please everyone around us while trying to get more work done.  But I heard once that doing more than one thing at a time was measured to be equal to driving drunk.  Not a very effective day then after all?

One of the things he suggested that I really agree with is finding positive interactions with others.  He suggests 4-6 hours for a "human moment", face-to-face exchanges that gives your brain what it needs to reduce the fear.business_people75_dv

Use networking, BNI, and other organizations as ways to connect with people and still promote your business;  schedule lunch with people that you consider mentors and "pump" you up;  make regular date nights and family nights.  We all tend to spend the most time in our day alone with our computers - change that!

Get rid of those tasks in your business that "suck" up your productivity and keep you stressed.  If you don't like doing the bookkeeping call me; if you don't like creating new marketing materials, call someone to help.  The point is to get rid of or manage the things that are putting you in a stressed, "fight or flight" mode every day.

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