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Warnings on New Tax Scams

According to the IRS tax scammers now vary their cons.  Crooks now pretend to be from the IRS, offer fake badge numbers, and warn that if back taxes and penalties are not paid right now you will be arrested.  The … read more

Year-End Bookkeeping Checklist

As the end of the year approaches you might be overwhelmed just thinking about getting your books in order.  If you are like most small businesses and submit your information to a CPA to prepare your Federal Taxes, the more … read more

Notes on Filing an Amended Tax Return

Oops!  Did you determine that you made an error on an income tax return that you already filed?  It’s not unusual.  That’s why the IRS has a special form that will fix it. Maybe a 1099 that you had forgotten … read more

Productivity Pick-Me-Ups for the Afternoon Slump

We’ve all been there: it’s late afternoon and we have zero energy left for the day, and no idea how we will get through the rest of our work.  Cathy Sexton from Productivity Experts recommends some strategies to help get through it.   Productivity … read more

6 Fantastic Productivity Apps for iOS and Android

This month we have a guest blogger – Cathy Sexton.  Cathy owns a company called the Productivity Experts.  Read what she has to say about 6 Fantastic Productivity Apps for iOS and Android.   6 Fantastic Productivity Apps for iOS … read more

Should You Claim the Home Office Deduction?

It can reduce your income tax obligation, but be sure you understand the IRS’s rules. One of the many ways the internet has changed business over the last two decades is the increasing numbers of part-time entrepreneurs.  Simple do-it-yourself website … read more

ProAdvisor listing

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How to Avoid — and Deal with — Tax Identity Theft

Even if you guard that critical 9-digit number carefully, you can still have a fraudulent tax return filed using it. Your first thoughts when you become the victim of a tax identity thief might go along the lines of: Did … read more

EMV is coming, are you ready?

The U.S. is changing its payment technology and switching over from traditional swipe cards to chip cards.  Mark your calendars because effective October 1, 2015 the burden of credit card fraud is being moved from the banks to the retailers. … read more

QuickBooks Classes at Lewis and Clark

Coming soon Vicki Borror will be teaching a few classes at Lewis and Clark Community College.  She will be offering three QuickBooks’ classes through the Corporate and Community Learning program.  The classes will be at the N.O. Nelson Campus in … read more