Better Business with Intuit’s Field Service Management

By Charlie Bukowski, President of CN Systems.

Field Service Management is a requirement that many companies face. If your business dispatches technicians to serve customers, you need to know where those technicians are located to efficiently utilize them to better serve your customers. Productive companies not only have well planned logistics, but also get paid quickly, handle their payroll more efficiently, and consistently complete more work to foster business growth.


Intuit's Field Service Management (FSM) is the solution to these business requirements.  Intuit’s FSM functionality enables technicians to invoice clients and receive payments while in the field.  It also lets dispatchers know where their technicians are located in real time via GPS tracking, which can also measure how long each job takes, and let dispatch know when technicians are en-route to the next job… all without making a phone call!


FSM fully integrates payroll hours, billing and payments with back office tasks, which eliminates double entry and improves accuracy. Companies from coast to coast are embracing the implementation of Intuit’s Field Service Management system to reduce cycle times and costs.


Intuit’s FSM provides businesses with the capability to grow their customer base. Whether you want to better serve your customers by being able to dispatch your technicians with the click of a mouse, or decrease your costs by invoicing and receiving payments on the job, or you are simply looking to effectively grow your business, Intuit's Field Service Management (FSM) is your solution.


CharlieThank you to Charlie Bukowski - President of CN Systems for contributing to our Business Blog this week.  Mr. Bukowski is a Bookkeeper, Computer Consultant, Educator, Trainer, Value-Added Reseller, Intuit Solution Provider and Member of Intuit's Advisory Council.

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