Are You Utilizing the Power of Job Costing?

QuickBooks has very powerful tools built into it that allow for tremendous accuracy in determining costs per client.

  • Is your Gross Profit not what it should be but you aren't sure why?
  • Are you tracking jobs from Estimates to Closing?
  • Do you do Contract Bidding and aren't sure if your bids are covering your costs?
  • Do you track Retainage?
  • Are you overpaying Commissions?
  • Charging Overhead to jobs?

These frustrations can be solved using Job Costing in QuickBooks.

We have worked with many companies in establishing their Job Costing methodologies and practices.  While not for the faint of heart to start up, you will see the bounty from doing it.

We have provided QuickBooks assistance not only for Central Illinois but all over the country.  We can work with you face-to-face or remotely.