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Fire is a significant threat to any business. A fire in your workplace can cause long-term structural damage, loss of materials and equipment, danger to your employees, and delays to your business’s success. The best way to protect your business from a fire accident is to educate your employees on emergency protocol and fire safety. You also need to keep the following tips in mind if you want to protect your business from being destroyed in a fire accident.

  1. Have proper fire extinguishers

Make sure you have a functioning fire extinguisher in your workplace. Besides, you also need to train all your employees about the proper way to use a fire extinguisher and the protocol for what to do in a fire emergency. Basic training can save lives and properties during a fire emergency. You should also make sure that expired fire extinguishers aren’t used. 

  1. Install a proper fire alarm

Every business should have a fire alarm system. If a fire should happen in your business, a fire alarm system will alert employees and other occupants of the fire danger so that they can all evacuate safely and quickly. Notifying employees quickly significantly reduce injuries resulting from a fire.

  1. Regularly clean and inspect the equipment

It’s vital to ensure your fire and safety systems are serviced and inspected for the safety of your employees. Make sure you switch them off when they’re not in use. Keep in mind that fire and safety systems should be serviced at least twice a year by a competent technician.

  1. Reduce clutter

Piles of paper, boxes, and other flammable materials can provide fuel for a fire; therefore, you need to clear everything. Also, be sure to keep electrical devices away from fuel sources, and give computers and other electronics plenty of space so that air can circulate to cool them.

  1. Have an exit strategy

Create an emergency exit plan. Your customers and employees should know how to leave your business at any time by locating a marked and unobstructed emergency exit. Employees should always have access to at least two emergency exits. You should also conduct an evacuation drill every year to ensure that your employees know how to act. 

How Business Insurance Can Help With Fire Damage

Business insurance can help cover damages if a fire does occur at your business. Commercial property insurance will cover all the costs of damages to your premises. You need to consider adding business Insurance to your commercial property insurance to make sure that your business doesn’t end up facing a financial crisis. Here are the basics of a few things you need to know about business Insurance.

  • It will reimburse you for the lost income resulting from any damage
  • It will take care of any operating costs that you still have to face
  • It will cover the costs of working out of the new locale if you end up in a temporary location

Don’t leave your business at the risk of being destroyed by a fire. Do everything you can do and make sure that you’re covered with a business insurance policy. However, if you need help getting business insurance in Grande Prairie, you can contact Hunt Group Private Wealth today.



Business Insurance Grande Prairie

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