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How to Clean Out & Organize Your Computer

#QuickBooks #SpringCleaning #OrganizeYourBusiness #QualityAccountingSolutions #QuickBooksSkills Deep cleaning your computer of unwanted files and streamlining your folder system can not only free up storage space, but improve your computer’s performance. From decluttering tips to apps that do your organizing for you, here’s how to … read more

QuickBooks Training at Lewis & Clark Community College

QuickBooks training at Lewis & Clark Community College This Spring Vicki Borror will be teaching classes at Lewis and Clark Community College. She will be offering three QuickBooks’ classes through the Corporate and Community Learning program. All three classes will … read more

6 Fantastic Productivity Apps for iOS and Android

This month we have a guest blogger – Cathy Sexton.  Cathy owns a company called the Productivity Experts.  Read what she has to say about 6 Fantastic Productivity Apps for iOS and Android.   6 Fantastic Productivity Apps for iOS … read more

Windows 10 BEWARE!!

Don’t rush to update to Windows 10! Microsoft will begin launching Windows 10 and offering it to many of you for free.  Beware-they want you to do the debugging for them!  Never accept an update or software change when it … read more

10 Common Accounting Mistakes Business Owners Make

I recently came across this great article from Intuit that I thought was important to share.  It really summarizes the importance of the role that accounting plays in your business. Thank you John!!  John Rampton, founder of invoicing service, … read more

The Importance of a Proper Foundation

In addition to the water that evaporates while curing, concrete is made up of 3 fundamental components: sand, rock and cement. When mixed together in the proper ratio, and allowed to ‘cure’ over time, concrete becomes the ‘foundation’ for almost … read more

Better Business with Intuit’s Field Service Management

By Charlie Bukowski, President of CN Systems. Field Service Management is a requirement that many companies face. If your business dispatches technicians to serve customers, you need to know where those technicians are located to efficiently utilize them to better serve your … read more

Closing Deals with EchoSign

 By Sheila Burkett, Partner at Spry Digital, LLC When we started Spry Digital, one of our goals was to be as paper free as possible. That goal was going to be very hard to achieve when we started getting agreements … read more

8 Steps To Protect Yourself From Business Fraud

The following article was previously posted in the “Intuitive Accountant” by Renee Lacerte. For small companies and accounting firms, fraud is becoming an increasingly big issue. The fact is criminals know that small businesses tend not to have adequate fraud … read more

American Express Receipt Match for QuickBooks

The following blog was originally posted on November 6, 2013 at  Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit, recently referenced the addition of an American Express APP to Intuit’s open platform.  The APP enables small business customers to take pictures of … read more