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Part 2: Outsource Your Bookeeping–Time for the Experts

4 Common Bookkeeping Pains for Small Business Owners Business owners, especially of smaller organizations, have plenty on their plate – sales, marketing, networking, administration, accounting, etc. Managing everything can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, the bookkeeping processes are not properly handled because, … read more

Reasons You need to Outsource Your Bookkeeping

1. YOU’RE ACTING AS CEO & CBO (CHIEF BOOKKEEPING OFFICER). Unless you’ve inherited a fully staffed and successful business operation, it’s likely that, over the years, you have worn more than your fair share of hats in order to grow your … read more

QuickBooks Training at Lewis & Clark Community College

QuickBooks training at Lewis & Clark Community College This Spring Vicki Borror will be teaching classes at Lewis and Clark Community College. She will be offering three QuickBooks’ classes through the Corporate and Community Learning program. All three classes will … read more

Mileage Rate Changes for 2016

The IRS has adjusted the mileage rate for 2016. Beginning on Jan. 1, 2016, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be: 54 cents per mile for business miles driven, … read more

10 Common Accounting Mistakes Business Owners Make

I recently came across this great article from Intuit that I thought was important to share.  It really summarizes the importance of the role that accounting plays in your business. Thank you John!!  John Rampton, founder of invoicing service, … read more

10 Must Have Character Traits of Stellar Employees and the Questions You Need to Ask

It can’t be stressed enough just how important it is to hire the right people.  People are truly the backbone of any successful company.  The right person can help you launch your company to new heights, while the wrong person … read more

2015 is a Payroll Leap Year!!

Did you know that there was a payroll leap year? If you pay weekly or biweekly, you may have an extra pay period in 2015-27 biweekly dates instead of 26 or 53 weekly dates instead of 52 depending on what … read more

Contractor or Employee? How the Income Tax Obligations Differ

It’s a very important distinction, and one that can get you in hot water if you misclassify workers. Full-time employees of companies often look at independent contractors with envy. They can generally work whatever hours they want. They can sit … read more

Hiring Your First Employee? 5 Tax-Related Steps

Be prepared for a mountain of paperwork, much of it related to income taxes. Adding your first employee to your small business comes with good and bad news. The good, of course, is that you’re succeeding so well that you … read more

Better Business with Intuit’s Field Service Management

By Charlie Bukowski, President of CN Systems. Field Service Management is a requirement that many companies face. If your business dispatches technicians to serve customers, you need to know where those technicians are located to efficiently utilize them to better serve your … read more