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Process Not Personality Makes the Sale

Little known fact: people LIKE to be sold to. Think about the last time you made a purchase. Did you tell your friends, family or coworkers about your experience with the salesperson or company? Did you how great they were … read more

Improve Your Business Card

Business cards – Love them? Hate them? It does not matter, because you have to have them. If you want your customers, colleges and connections to use your services or refer you to others, it is important to have attractive … read more

Managing Cash Flow (part 2)

Last time we talked about using Accounts Payable or vendor payments to help manage your cash flow by negotiating discount terms, delaying payment, and using credit cards. Now let’s talk about Accounts Receivable. Accounts Receivable is invoicing your clients or … read more

Is This Trade Show for You?

Have you ever considered taking your business to a trade show?  Our friend Richard Avdoian has extensive experience with trade shows, sales and marketing.  The following is a bit of advice on how to make sure you invest wisely when … read more