Closing Deals with EchoSign

Sheila  By Sheila Burkett, Partner at Spry Digital, LLC

When we started Spry Digital, one of our goals was to be as paper free as possible. That goal was going to be very hard to achieve when we started getting agreements and statements of work signed by clients.

Immediately we started looking for a way to accept electronic signatures and as a Google Business Apps user, we discovered EchoSign. As our business grew we were able to get our documents signed quickly and without printing or storing paper copies.

Although Adobe had SendNow functionality, it decided in 2011 to purchase EchoSign and integrated into their current services. Adobe EchoSign is still offered as a Google Business App with a free option that gives you five (5) transactions in a 30 day rolling window (EchoSign pricing). For a small business starting out, this is a great option and saves tremendous time.

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How Does It Work?

Once your documents are created, you send the documents to those signing the document. You can place the signatures and additional fields you need completed in the document, plus indicate the order you want people to sign. We took our standard contracts, created fields in document and uploaded them to the document library. EchoSign also has federal documents such as the I-9 and W-4 that can be sent to employees for completion.

Another way to use it is when someone sends you a document to sign. Rather than signing it and faxing it back to the sender, you can use EchoSign to send a signed document.


Is it Legal?

Many people are still uncomfortable with electronic or digital signatures, but since the 1990’s technology began making it possible to capture electronic and digital signatures. In 1999, the European Union passed the “EU Directive for Electronic Signatures” that opened the door for legally accepting electronic signatures. The US followed in June, 2000 when President Clinton signed into law the “Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (“ESIGN”). This made signed electronic contracts and documents as legally binding as a paper-based contract. Since then technology and businesses putting it into practice continues to grow.

KIA, NEC Financial Services and Time Warner Cable are just a few of the many customers who have adopted EchoSign.

Other software companies who offer electronic or digital signatures are:


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