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The best way to market your business is to create a Marketing Plan that is clear, easy to follow and laid out in simple steps; create a plan that you can commit to within your budget and time restraints.  And above all build a marketing plan that INSPIRES YOU!

Below is a simple guide called, "9 Components of a Powerful Marketing Plan" by  QAS Blogging Partner Allen Dorsey of The ADD Value Group, Inc.     

Allen Dorsey

1.     My Target Audience: Describe your Ideal Customer    (Business 2 Business B2B and/or Business 2 Client B2C)

2.     My Unique Positioning Statement (U.P.S.) to include Unique Selling Proposition (U.P.S.): Your UPS addresses the following questions:

  • Who:  Who are you?
  • What: What business are you in?
  • For Whom: What people/customers to you serve?
  • What Need: What are the special needs of the people you serve (U.P.S.)?
  • Against Whom: With whom are you competing?
  • What’s Different: What makes you different from those competitors?
  • What’s the Benefit: What unique benefit does a customer derive from your service?

3.     My Marketing Message: Highlights 4 key areas: Reputation, Experience, Training, System, Guarantee

4.     My Marketing Mediums/Channels: Identify the channels you will use to build awareness of your services.

5.     My Marketing Relationship Management Tools (e.g. CRM, SOC, Neat, TimeTrade, Constant Contact): Identify the tool or tools will you use to maintain contact with your prospects, clients, alliance partners/referral sources.

6.     My Marketing CampaignsCreate appropriate campaigns (touches) for your prospects, clients, alliance partners/referral sources.

7.     My Marketing Budget:  Estimate the cost of implementing your plan for each of the mediums and campaigns that you employ.

8.     My Marketing Dashboard (Activities & KPI’s):  What gets measured, get’s managed.  Identify the activities you engaged in that lead to results.  Identify your Key Performance Indicators.

9.     My Marketing CalendarPlan your activities monthly & create an easy to view yearly schedule that keeps track of the results of your marketing endeavors.

This blog post was reprinted with permission. (c) 2013 Allen Dorsey Jr., For similar blogs visit  The ADD Value Group, Inc.

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