Improve Your Business Card

Business cards - Love them? Hate them? It does not matter, because you have to have them. If you want your customers, colleges and connections to use your services or refer you to others, it is important to have attractive professional cards that clearly communicate who you are and what your business does.

Obviously our name, your business name, and your contact information, but what else goes into an effective memorable business card?

Make it Personal and Professional

You want your card to stand out.  You want people to remember you fondly. So invest in good paper, preferably 80 to 100 pound card stock - the kind people can write notes on to remember you. Consider getting a professional portrait taken in order to put your picture on your business card.  Make the investment in a well-designed website and use a dedicated email address with your name in your email address rather than “office” or “info.”

Short and Simple

The design of the card should contribute to your message – the font, logo or picture, colors and layout. Be well organized - and the font should be large enough to not cause a strain on the eyes. Your mini billboard should be easy to read. Include your title and business description but be concise – avoid too much information, including too much contact information.

Timing is Everything

Do not give business cards to random strangers. Talk with people first.  Ask about their businesses and their business needs.  Even at a networking event, you should wait for your new connection to request your card. So relax.  Do not give your information to people who don’t want it.  Be classy.  If you want to share your information with others – then ask for their business card first. 

Vicki Biz Card

Want specific information on improving your own card?  Get some feedback from friends, trusted business partners or a marketing professional. For many business owners, their first impression is made with a handshake and a business card.  Make sure you are prepared with a well-designed business card.


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