Is This Trade Show for You?

Have you ever considered taking your business to a trade show?  Our friend Richard Avdoian has extensive experience with trade shows, sales and marketing.  The following is a bit of advice on how to make sure you invest wisely when shopping for a trade show.

Is This Trade Show Connecting with Your Target Audience?

Trade shows provide small business owners, associations and corporations one of the best venues to spread brand recognition, develop professional relationships and gather leads from your target audience(s).  The primary objective is not to simply get their attention but to create a desire for your product or service, establish relationships and get pertinent information in the hands of potential customers.

But trade shows can be expensive. You have to consider travel expenses, hotel accommodations, booth cost, meals, registration fees and employee salaries.  So it wise to do your homework before you commit to a trade show; contact the organizers and ask them a few questions about their event last year (if there was one), who they are marketing the current event to and how are they marketing the event.  You need to make sure you are getting your money's worth!

Some things to consider:

  • What portion of your company’s budget will you allocate to trade shows and why?
  • Revise and review (or create) the company’s Trade Show goals yearly.
  • Who are your best potential customers, and which shows typically target these individuals?

Be selective:

  • Will this show attract your target customers?
  • What portion of the budget will be used for this specific show?
  • Will the show draw an audience large enough to justify the investment (salaries, time, supplies etc) in exhibiting?
  • Will your key competitors be exhibiting?
  • Does the trade show offer additional opportunities that will raise your visibility, such as sponsorship opportunities, speaking venues, or demonstrations?

Need a Little Help?

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Richard AvdoianRichard J. Avdoian, MS, MSW, CSP is president/owner of Voyage to Success, a consulting service located in Metro St. Louis.  Richard works with businesses committed to training and retaining highly motivated productive employees.  Richard can be reached at

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