Managing Your Team: Communication, Expectations and Empowerment


Many business owners have had the pleasure of working for a boss or two who did not know how to manage people.  These people tended to avoid direct communication, did not apply the rules to all employees, were generally unprofessional, and did not inspire us to do… anything.

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New business owners believe their companies will be different – their management will be better, and their employees with be happier.  Yet in the middle of running a small business, many owners find themselves struggling with the same management issues that drove them away from the corporate world!

How did this happen? 

How can it be fixed?

Clear Communication

As the owner or manager it is your duty to develop a system of communication and accountability that creates a sense of belonging and fosters a trusting environment.  Create a process for goal setting, on-going evaluation, helpful feedback and communal accountability. In order to be truly effective these processes must provide opportunities for continuing employee professional and personal development.

Well-Defined Expectations

Create an Organizational Chart for Your Company

Use your business plan to create an organizational chart that lists all the positions necessary to meet your business needs, along with the duties and objectives for each position.

Each person in your organization should have a stated position with well-defined duties and attainable goals. Every employee should know where their position and work fits into the company; they need to clearly understand how essential their work is to their coworkers and the company.

Empower the Team

You are managing a team, so get used the idea of delegating, rallying and holding people accountable. You may not be comfortable being the “boss” but you are the one in charge and you need to offer direction, support and leadership.  It is just as important to offer positive support, as it is to provide critical feedback to your employees; let them know when they are performing above your standards and address inadequacies in a way that changes behavior without diminishing the person.

 Practice What you Preach

Encourage and reward your employees for helping each other, putting team before themselves and volunteering to do work that is “not in their job description.”  Foster a sense of belonging by incorporating practices that encourage employees to engage with each other, share their work and motivate each other.  Empower the people you have chosen to help you run your business by respecting them, encouraging their creative talents and fostering an environment of teamwork and responsibility.  Trust your employees.  Invest in their talents, and compel them to give their best to your business by leading by example.  Do not expect your employees to give your business more than you are willing to give it; hold the bar higher for yourself than your employees.

Business Coaching with Quality Accounting Solutions

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