Process Not Personality Makes the Sale

Little known fact: people LIKE to be sold to.

Think about the last time you made a purchase. Did you tell your friends, family or coworkers about your experience with the salesperson or company? Did you how great they were to deal with?  Maybe it was something small at a quaint little shop or maybe you made a large purchase for your home; more than likely the common factor is that you interacted with a person when you made your purchase. If you referred them to someone else, you probably don't view them as a "salesperson."

Process Over Personality

People hate to be sold to by BAD salespeople, but customers love great salespeople.  What separates the bad from the great?  While a good personality can be an essential tool, the selling process is the most important factor. Great salespeople tend to have a standard process that ensures every potential customer is able to get the same level of customer service and information. These people make selling look effortless.

A good sales process allows a salesperson to:

  1. Generate more referrals
  2. Close more sales
  3. Spend more time on qualified buyers
  4. Increase the sale potential price point
  5. Build a relationship with your prospect
  6. Control the sales process

Do You Have A Process?  

If you do not use a process to sell, you might be letting your customers dictate prices and therefore the value of your services. Your competitors are also more than likely, growing faster, selling more, and closing more sales than you because they have developed quality selling practices.

If you do have a process, how simple is it?  Does it generate excitement and referrals from customers and employees? Are you able to close at the rate you think you should be able to?

Simple Steps To Ensure Better Sales

These 5 simple steps will ensure you have a sales process capable of capturing the sales potential of your business services or products.

  1. Take control
  2. Listen and show expertise through asking questions
  3. Show them you understand by uncovering their true needs
  4. Connect the dots for how their need can be answered with your solution
  5. Ask for the sale directly


Brandon Dempsey Thank you to Brandon Dempsey for being a guest writer.  Brandon is a Partner at goBrandgo. For more information on goBrandgo or to contact Brandon, drop him a line at or hit him up on twitter @brandondempsey !

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