WARNING – your QuickBooks file may be in Danger!!

Did you know that there is a right way to close your QuickBooks Desktop or Enterprise file down?  And if you are not doing it correctly you are putting your file in danger?

Are you in the habit of leaving multiple windows open when you close your file?  Even though QuickBooks is closed, the files will be running as soon as you open the file, needing to refresh.

Do you close QuickBooks by clicking the upper right-hand X?  This is not a proper way to shut down any program as it doesn't fully execute the shutdown process.

 Checking on your file:

With your company file open, press F2.  This will bring up a pop up box showing your license number (mine is blanked out) and other information about your file.  The important thing here is the number of DB (Database) fragments your file has.  If your number is >10, your file is going to start having problems with data integrity and speed.  These fragments will multiply rapidly if you are not shutting your file down properly.



Follow the steps below to keep your file in good shape:

  • Under EDIT, select Preferences>Desktop View
  • Check “Don’t save the desktop” – this will close all open windows for you when you close QuickBooks.




  • When you close your file ALWAYS use File>Close Company (Close Company Logoff if you have a password).




  • Then to close QuickBooks down, select File>Exit


Do these two steps every time you close to keep your file healthy.

What if my DB Fragments is >10?

Give Quality Accounting Solutions a call and usually, we can correct the problem within an hour.

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