QuickBooks Payroll Continued…

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Why not let QuickBooks Full Service Payroll simplify things for you? With this plan, you only need to submit the hours worked for employees each pay period and Intuit will do the rest! This gives you more time to focus on what is important to you; be it growing your business or spending more time with your family, we got this...

The features of QuickBooks Full Service Payroll include:
• Payroll setup: Intuit’s US-based payroll experts will guide you through the simple setup process.
• Create paychecks: Calculate paychecks for both hourly and salaried employees based on hours worked.
• Direct deposit: Offer employees same-day direct deposit option at no additional charge.
• View pay stubs online: Allow employees to view and print their own pay stubs through an online employee portal.
• W-2’s: Prepared and filed annually on time with the IRS and delivered directly to your employees. Also accessible by your employees via the employee portal.
• Employee benefits: Accrue sick and vacation time, track paid time off, and calculate and track deductions for insurance benefits and retirement plans.
• E-pay: Electronic payment of federal, state & local payroll tax deposits is set up for you.
• 100% Penalty-Free Guarantee: Avoid penalties with the no-penalty guarantee included with Full-Service Payroll. Intuit guarantees payroll tax forms are prepared accurately and filed on time.
No problem! The Intuit team will get your payroll in and up to date so you can start right up.
Does this sound like a suitable payroll solution for your business? Visit https://www.solutionssoftwaregroup.com/payroll today to learn more!

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