Strengthening Your Business: Provide Internal Maintenance

How is your business doing? Is there anything that needs to be adjusted to improve the work environment, cash flow or overall business efficiency? Try regular internal audits to check on the health of your business.  Quality Accounting Solutions offers business coaching, along with a variety of other business services.  

Our business associate Richard Avdoian is our guest blogger this week - the following is his advice on why you should do regular internal maintenance checks on your business.

Strong limbs allow your business to grow  

Choosing your pathBefore moving your business to the next level, you may want to first invest some time and energy doing a thorough internal maintenance check.  A business, like a tree, relies heavily on its roots as the foundation on which it is built.

To further enhance a tree’s stability and assure the growth of new vibrant colored leaves and limbs, it is necessary to provide maintenance, like pruning, fertilizing, or grafting.

What happens when a  business minimizes the importance of internal maintenance or when a business completely neglects to provide internal maintenance?

  • leaves begin to wilt (employee morale and energy declines)
  • leaves may fall (employees get injured)
  • there may be longer periods of dormancy (employees become stagnate)
  • limbs grow wildly (no business vision or plan of action)
  • limbs die (aspects of the business do not produce)
  • loss of limbs can occur (key productive employees leave)

Is your business in need of pruning of dead limbs, fertilizing to stimulate new growth, or grafting of new ideas and products?  Take the necessary time to periodically review and revise your position/mission statement, business plan, and goals to keep your business vibrant and growing to assure your continued success.

Be Realistic and maintain clarity

For your business to continue to grow and be outstanding, you need to acknowledge blocks and obstacles, increase efficiency, and keep focused on those things the company does well.  Be cautious not to allow your enthusiasm to blind you, exceed ability and resources and derail you from being productive and profitable.

Have you been blinded or do you see things the way they are or the way you wish they were? Join many companies who have committed to taking their businesses to the next level by offering management team retreats, employee development training programs and business coaching.  Business coaching teaches people to set themselves free from their set ways of thinking.


Richardrichardavdoian J. Avdoian, MS, MSW, CSP is president/owner of Voyage to Success, a consulting service located in Metro St. Louis.  Richard works with businesses committed to training and retaining highly motivated productive employees.

He can be reached at  

© Richard J. Avdoian, MS, MSW, CSP (2013)

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