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Inspired Marketing

The best way to market your business is to create a Marketing Plan that is clear, easy to follow and laid out in simple steps; create a plan that you can commit to within your budget and time restraints.  And … read more

Develop a Marketing Plan

A good marketing plan should supplement and enhance your business plan.  It should answer questions such as … How are you going to let potential customers know about your product and services?  Why should they trust you?   Why should … read more

Create a Relationship with your Banker

This month Quality Accounting Solutions Business Blog has been focusing on business start-up issues, especially organization and planning.  Our blog post today will wrap-up our advice on writing and utilizing your business plan and supplemental marketing plan. Today’s topic addresses … read more

Plan your American Dream

For many Americans owning their own business is the key to self-fulfillment. Not only do we envision ourselves doing what we love to do, but working alongside people we respect and love. We also imagine money in the bank, a … read more

Comparing Business Entities

A key component in creating your business is deciding what form of business entity your company will take, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, S Corporation, C Corporation or LLC.  Many future business owners make the mistake of only  concerning … read more