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Improve Your Business Card

Business cards – Love them? Hate them? It does not matter, because you have to have them. If you want your customers, colleges and connections to use your services or refer you to others, it is important to have attractive … read more

Are your “circuits” overloaded (part 2)

Last time we talked about the article that I had read by Edward M. Hallowell, MD “Overloaded Circuits:  Why Smart People Underperform” and how it had gotten me to think about how we tend to overload and try and do too much. When … read more

Strengths, Weaknesses and Work

Do What You Love How many times have you heard people say they would like to make a living doing what they love?  Or how they would like to get paid for doing something they are good at doing?  As … read more

Inspired Marketing

The best way to market your business is to create a Marketing Plan that is clear, easy to follow and laid out in simple steps; create a plan that you can commit to within your budget and time restraints.  And … read more

Develop a Marketing Plan

A good marketing plan should supplement and enhance your business plan.  It should answer questions such as … How are you going to let potential customers know about your product and services?  Why should they trust you?   Why should … read more