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Part 2: Outsource Your Bookeeping–Time for the Experts

4 Common Bookkeeping Pains for Small Business Owners Business owners, especially of smaller organizations, have plenty on their plate – sales, marketing, networking, administration, accounting, etc. Managing everything can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, the bookkeeping processes are not properly handled because, … read more

Reasons You need to Outsource Your Bookkeeping

1. YOU’RE ACTING AS CEO & CBO (CHIEF BOOKKEEPING OFFICER). Unless you’ve inherited a fully staffed and successful business operation, it’s likely that, over the years, you have worn more than your fair share of hats in order to grow your … read more

If You Have Filed Your Taxes, Good Job!! If You Haven’t, Here are Some Last Minute Tips!

Are You Claiming All of Your Tax-Deductible Business Expenses for 2015? Haven’t completed your 2015 taxes yet? You’re cutting it close. Don’t short-change yourself on business expenses, though. If you’ve been in business for several years, you have a pretty … read more

Managing Your Team: Communication, Expectations and Empowerment

  Many business owners have had the pleasure of working for a boss or two who did not know how to manage people.  These people tended to avoid direct communication, did not apply the rules to all employees, were generally … read more

Develop a Marketing Plan

A good marketing plan should supplement and enhance your business plan.  It should answer questions such as … How are you going to let potential customers know about your product and services?  Why should they trust you?   Why should … read more

The Importance of an Organizational Chart

Whether you are in the process of creating your business plan or you would just like a few tips on how to fine tune your current business operations, we can make your process less painful and possibly more inspiring. When laying … read more

Meet Our Team

Our website is not the only part of Quality Accounting Solutions that has undergone some exciting updates.  This year we added a new staff member, and we are offering a wider array of bookkeeping and accounting services. Vicki Borror has … read more

Welcome to the New Quality Accounting Solutions Website!

Welcome to the new and improved Quality Accounting Solutions website and blog.  We hope you find this updated website helpful, interesting and easier to navigate than our previous version. You will be able to register for classes through our calendar, … read more