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Texas Medical Billing

Medical billing companies are independent, third-party medical billing specialists that help hospitals and clinical practices handle the processing, recording, and reimbursement of patients' health insurance claims. This reduces the medical staff's workload to focus on their chief responsibilities of medical caregiving and other administrative duties. Hiring a Texas medical company is the perfect decision you can make.

Texas Medical Billing: Outsourcing or In-House?

We can regard billing companies as medical consultants in their own right. The ideal medical billing in Houston, TX, provides specialized services with such efficiency, accuracy, and speed required to match a hospital facility's routine needs. The specialists are also well trained in insurance law, finance, economics, and administration. They have a full grasp of privacy law in handling sensitive and confidential documents of their patients to avoid sanctions or legal liability.

All these ultimately ensure that the revenue stream of the hospital isn't in any way hurt. Thus, it's always best to outsource or hire an independent company for your billing services. Leaving the work for the admin or clerical staff may not produce the best results.

A Review of our Billing Services

People go to hospitals primarily to receive medical care. Whether it's a medical emergency or a clinical visit, most patients and families that bring them don't give too much thought to the preliminary process involved, such as filing of medical records, registration of insurance claims, and other paper works. They're there to access a medical solution, and you can't blame them for reasoning this way.

But you can never reason this way. As a medical practitioner, if you want your practice to stay in business in Texas, medical billing is a must. Getting the best Houston, TX, medical billing has never been this easier. At PCS Revenue Cycle Management, we make your billing process foolproof, without much stress. Here's a review of our company's services, expertise, reputation, prices, and why you should hire us.

  • Our Process

For 15 years, we've been driven by the vision to provide professional, experienced medical billing and collections for practices. As you focus on your ultimate goal of providing medical solutions to your patients, we're equally focused on the technical work of collecting, processing, and reimbursing claims.

These two go hand in hand to keep you in the business of healing and saving lives. Our process is comprehensive and detailed. When you hire us, we first verify any claims filed. Then we proceed to denial and utilization management, then billing and collection, which is the top responsibility. After this, we follow up with the claim and then post the payment to your revenue purse. Viola!

  • Our Services

We're deeply committed to providing the above services. While some companies also do these, what sets us apart and unrivaled is our thoroughness, speed, and accuracy. Among others, we process claims for drug rehab billing, behavioral health billing, collection lists, and fee schedule management. We've been regularly commended for displaying the following qualities and commitments:

  • Our Reputation

Beyond our technical skills in billing, we're known for our transparency. We understand that doctors and nurses are busy slipping out of theatres, back to their offices, all around the clock. But we'll never leave you in the dark about our process, policy changes, and lots more. Also, we observe total compliance with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) so that we can protect your patients and your practice.

  • Our Pricing

Our prices are much affordable and competitive when compared to the industry standard costs. We understand that hospital services vary in their specializations, so we offer different costs. If you want to hire us for your center's billing needs, please contact us for pricing.

  • Why us?

Hospital facilities are often overwhelmed with the duty of providing healthcare to patients almost daily. It's challenging to combine medical services with the technical and administrative duty of filing insurance claims and reimbursing them.

Our medical billers will help you meet your billing needs with a quick turnaround time—contact PCS Revenue Cycle Management to consult with a full-service medical billing company: 281-937-4089.

Texas Medical Billing