Testimonial from To-Do’s, The Ultimate Party Store

My business kept growing but my bookkeeping system didn’t.  I needed a better & more efficient way to track & pay bills.  Vicki, as a QuickBooks expert, helped me figure out what was best for me and my company.  I didn’t want to blindly hand my books over to someone. I wanted help with my bookkeeping, but I wanted to stay in control of my records. She made learning the new software easy & convenient!

Now that Quality Accounting Solutions has shown me how to efficiently keep track of my daily expenses and sales using QuickBooks, managing my business is easier.  I spend less time doing “bookkeeping” and more time figuring out how to grow my business.

As a business owner, I know how difficult it is to trust someone with your business finances, but I also know when to ask for help.  Getting help with my company’s bookkeeping has given me more personal time and the opportunity to grow my business.  Quality Accounting Solutions can help you make your business more profitable and give you more time! What are you waiting for?!

-Katie Elrod, Owner of To-Do's: The Ultimate Party Store

To-Do's: The Ultimate Party Store

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