Quality Accounting Solutions provides solutions for your QuickBooks training needs and want to see you succeed with the investment that you have made in purchasing QuickBooks.  We realize from experience that most users are only tapping a small amount of the program’s potential and we have always worked hard to empower you with training and coaching you on its strengths.

Providing you with individualized training sometimes put a constraint on your time and budget, and we were limited in how many of you we could help in a timely basis.  There had to be a better way and we are now proud to provide you with a solution…

Quality Accounting Solutions is going to be offering live, virtual, QuickBooks training and best practices power sessions on a membership basis.  You can now get specific training topics each month and access the recorded sessions anytime you are ready to tackle them.  The first group will be on QuickBooks Desktop.  We will be adding QuickBooks Online sessions very soon.

We are offering 3 memberships:Power Sessions will be:

  • 1 hour each month using a virtual platform so that we can engage “in person”.
  • Recorded and placed in a secured portal within 48 hours of the live event.

Power Sessions will consist of:

  • 30 minutes of training on a specific QuickBooks function or task
  • 30 minutes of questions and sharing among the participants about their use and best practices using the session’s topic.

Individual Time will be for that quarter and can be about whatever your current needs are.

Additional Member - Membership is for one member.  This is so we can make the learning environment smaller and less distracting.  Groups will be limited in number of participants so that everyone has a chance to ask questions and be heard.

Sometimes a company would like to add another team member so they can participate in the calls and have access to the library.  This is limited to one additional member.

If you have more than 2 people that are interested, let’s set you up with your own group and make it all about you and your company. 

Library Only - Sometimes you don’t want to be part of a live group and want to access the information on your time frame.  This choice will give you access to the Library only.  You will not have privileges to join the live power sessions.

If this sounds like it is for you, click here to make it happen!