Windows 10 BEWARE!!

Don't rush to update to Windows 10!

Microsoft will begin launching Windows 10 and offering it to many of you for free.  Beware-they want you to do the debugging for them!  Never accept an update or software change when it first comes out.  If you do, you will be the one that finds the problems for them that the alpha testing missed.

Windows 10

Windows 10

You can't expect programs that were written before this new operating system to work properly on it.

For example, QuickBooks 2015 was in the works back in 2014 and never tested on Windows 10.  You need to let Intuit (and the overzealous people who can't wait to update) do that testing for you.

Caution your employees and family members not to rush into the upgrade.  Have patience and let the cream rise to the top.

My friend, Marcel Brown, wrote a great article on this change and what to look out for.

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